Saturday, March 15, 2014

Commission "Skittles"

18 x 24
© 2014 by Rebecca Croft

Yesterday I got a message through my website from an old high school classmate asking me to paint her dog "Skittles" for her husband's upcoming birthday.  I have managed to reconnect with many of my high school friends and college classmates through facebook.  I haven't sold anything through facebook but now I have my first commission!  I also try to use Pinterest to advertise as well.  I use to compete with another Rebecca Croft in Australia for the top spot on the google search but because of social media; facebook, pinterest, my blog & website I am now on the entire first page of the google search for Rebecca Croft!  I also just added a google + account but I'm not sure what I'm doing with that yet.  Anyway, back to this commission.  My classmate actually also happens to live in Arlington so I will get to see her when she picks up the painting.  I had to do it quickly so it would be dry by next weekend as her husbands birthday is April 1st.  I just sent her the photos so I'm hoping she loves it!  Stay tuned if she wants changes I'll post a new photo of the final result.

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