Thursday, July 18, 2013

Garden Gate in Provence

"Garden Gate in Provence"
11 x 14
© 2103 by Rebecca Croft

During my Dreama workshop in April I painted this gate.  That 12 x 12 painting sold on Etsy.  It also hung in the Gallery Underground where someone came in to buy it but it had already sold.  So I decided to paint it again only on a different size canvas.  You can never fully recreate the exact painting as it always turns out a little differently.  I think this one turned out lovely.  Hopefully, it will sell as quickly as the last one.  I'm off to France next week in hopes of gathering lots of material for many more beautiful French paintings.  I'll be traveling from Provence up to Burgundy and on to Paris and plan to take hundreds of photographs!  I'll be back in touch after I return. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

View of the Lincoln Memorial From Virginia

"View of the Lincoln Memorial from Virginia"
11 x 14
© 2013 by Rebecca Croft

This month at The Gallery Underground our show will feature paintings from around town so I decided to paint a few different local scenes.  This view of the Lincoln Memorial was interesting to me because of how the light was shining through the bridge.  I also love the sky!  It was fun painting this for the show.  I'll also be posting a local Arlington scene soon.