Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sold! Sold! Sold!

"Where did they all go?"

"Evening in San Francisco"

"View of the Lake"

This has been a good day for sales!  Three paintings in one day is almost a record for me.  I also sold another one this week so that's four.  I'm hoping this is a trend.  My goal for this year was to hit 100 sales in my Etsy store by the end of the year.  I'm at 69 sales so that means I have to sell 31 paintings in 3 months.  I think it can be done!  I'm back to painting almost everyday and feel really good about what I'm creating.  Stay tuned for new paintings.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fall in Tuscany

"Fall in Tuscany"
11 x 14
© 2013 by Rebecca Croft

You can purchase this painting from my Etsy Store:

Today I feel like I've gotten my painting groove back.  It's like anything else.  You loose it if you don't use it!  It's always hard to get back into it after taking some weeks off.  This painting turned out better than I thought it would.  I love the loose painterly brush strokes and I feel that I captured the essence of the scene.  I love how I played the colors up and all around the painting.  This is what I strive for - a loose painting.  It doesn't always happen.  So I'm going to take a lunch break and get back into the studio and hope to paint another before the day is gone!  

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

SOLD! Safari Sunset in Kenya

"Sunset in Kenya"
11 x 14 

This painting perfectly captures the Kenyan landscape.  I was on safari there in 2012.  It was a magical place and a magical time.  This is my first international sale.  A lovely woman in Dublin, Ireland has purchased it.  She was specifically looking for an African landscape with these colors.  Isn't it wonderful that people can find anything they want on the internet!  She searched Africa & landscape on Etsy and found me.  I'm sure this painting will have a lovely home in Ireland.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

View of Provence Lavender

"View of Provence Lavender"
12 x 12 on Canvas Board

I visited the most quaint walled village in Provence this summer called Les Beaux.  It was at the top of a huge hill and the village was built inside walls surrounded by the ruins of a castle.  All around the ruins were patches of Lavender.  Interestingly, we found out that lavender is not indigenous to France and was imported here several hundred years ago.  It really only grows high up on the hills in Provence.  We were lucky as it was in full bloom at the end of July and gorgeous.  I should be painting lots of new paintings including this beautiful plant!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"Provence City Scape"

Provence City Scape
12 x 12
© 2013 by Rebecca Croft

I'm finally returning to a routine after slacking this summer!  Getting back into the studio to create.  I am excited to be painting from my wonderful photos of my trip to France this summer.  I'll be making paintings of Provence, Burgundy & of course Paris.  All three areas of France were incredible.  I'll have landscapes, Seascapes, and Cityscapes.