Monday, May 28, 2012

Spring in Paris

"Spring in Paris"
12 x 16
© 2012 by Rebecca Croft

If you would like to purchase this painting you can by clicking on my etsy link:

What could be more fun than spending a day in Paris in the spring.  Everyone fantasizes about that.  I decided to paint the Eiffel Tower in a more whimsical way with fun, bright, happy colors.  Putting flowers and bushes around it with a bright path leading up to it make it seem less sterile and more like an amusement park ride.  Spring is my absolute favorite season as everything comes alive again and is reborn.  

Monday, May 21, 2012

Lavender Fields of Provence

"Lavender Fields of Provence"
Oil   24 x 30
© 2012 by Rebecca Croft

If you would like to purchase this painting you can buy it from my Etsy Store:

This is another painting that I've done for my solo show "Summer Escapes" in June.  By the way the "It's A Steal Show" went very well this past weekend.  I sold 4 paintings!  Thanks to all who went.  ON to my solo show.  Mark your calendars for Tuesday, June 12, 2012 6-8pm at Piola Arlington.  I hope to have the postcards mailed next week.  Also, I will be putting some of my older paintings on sale on my Etsy store so check that out later this week.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tuscan Poppy Fields

"Tuscan Poppy Fields"
24 x 30
© 2012 Rebecca Croft

If you would like to purchase this painting it will be available on my Etsy Store soon at:

It will also be hanging at my solo show at Piola Restaurant June 9 - Aug 3rd, 2012.  I've been so busy painting for my solo show but I think I am ready.  Stay tuned for postcard invitations in the mail soon!
In the meantime if you want to buy a nice gift for someone come to our "It's A Steal" show this weekend at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Arlington, VA.  We will be selling great art at extremely affordable prices - everything under $75.  I have so much inventory that I will have about 25 small to medium paintings there - even framed!  So come on down friday night 6-8pm, saturday 10:30 - 5, or sunday 11:30 -2:30.  St. Andrews is located at the corner of Lorcom Lane and Quincy Streets.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Tuscan Vineyard

"Tuscan Vineyard"
24 x 36
© 2012 by Rebecca Croft

If you would like to purchase this painting you can come to my show June 12, 2012 at Piola in Arlington, VA!  I've been so busy painting for this show that my hand hurts.  I have lots of lovely new large paintings.  I will be mailing out postcards soon.

Don't forget that I have a show this weekend called "It's a Steal"!  All art under $75.00 and most of my paintings will even be framed so this is your chance to get an original at a real bargain. I have to make room for new inventory.  All the details can be found on 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Perfect Day in Kauai

"A Perfect Day in Kauai"
20 x 20
© 2012 Rebecca Croft

If you are interested in purchasing this painting you can click on my Etsy link:

It's been a week since I posted but I've been so busy painting for my show at Piola in June that I didn't get around to it.  Speaking of shows there is one coming up next week called "It's a Steal" and it starts friday May 18th at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Arlington, VA.  All works are priced under $75 so it's your chance to get some great art at affordable prices!  Here is the link for more information:   I will have tons of things there so come on down on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday!  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day on the Beach

"Day on the Beach"
© 2012 by Rebecca Croft
12 x 12

If you would like to purchase this painting you can go to my Etsy Store by clicking on the link:

Okay, maybe you're getting tired of my beach/summer theme but I'm just wishing beach time were here!  The exciting news is I have a solo show coming up in June and I need to paint lots of large paintings!  The title of the show will be "Summer Escapes" so all of the paintings are going to be of places you would like to go on vacation.  The show will be at Piola Restaurant in Arlington, Va.  The opening will be tuesday, June 12 6-8pm!  Stay tuned for more fun paintings.