Tuesday, June 23, 2015

SOLD! Commission - Tuscan Village

Tuscan Village
18 x 18
© 2015 by Rebecca Croft

Last week I got contact via my Etsy store to paint this commission.  I was leaving for a wedding in Dallas so didn't have much time to get it done.  Italy seems to be a very popular subject for paintings. I'm heading there this week so hope to get a lot of new inspiration for future paintings!  Keep an eye out for them later in July.  I'll be gone two weeks and will go from Venice to Amalfi.  The Amalfi coast should be quite a challenge to paint.  Here's hoping a I get a lot of great photos to work from.  Ciao!

Monday, June 8, 2015

SOLD! Springtime at the Eiffel Tower

Springtime at the Eiffel Tower
12 x 12 
© 2015 by Rebecca Croft

I painted this in early Mary right after the cherry blossoms were in bloom in Washington, D.C.  I always seem to want to paint whatever season I happen to be in.  Lately, it seems all of my paintings have been going to California.  I think people that live there are well traveled and buy them as memories of the places they've been.  I love Paris and painting the Eiffel Tower reminds me of my visits there.