Friday, July 21, 2017

SOLD! Peach Sky Over the Marsh Painting

"Peach Sky Over the Marsh"
16 x 20
© 2017 by Rebecca Croft

I really do like to paint landscapes more than any other subjects and I guess I've become pretty good at these marsh paintings because they seem to be what I sell the most!  So I'll keep on painting them. My dream is to someday move to the marsh area of South Carolina.  Wouldn't it be lovely to plein air paint down there!  This one went to a couple in Tennessee who likes to vacation in the Charleston area.  

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

SOLD! Sunset on the Marsh

"Sunset on the Marsh"
24 x 30
© 2017 by Rebecca Croft

I just spent two weeks in Spain part of which was visiting my son who is studying there.  I sold this painting while on that trip.  It's on it's way to Tennessee.  Another fan of Kiawah Island and marsh country.  Now on to new endeavors.  I think I'll be painting some paintings of Spain!