Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Harvesting the Hay

"Harvesting the Hay"
16 x 20
© 2013 by Rebecca Croft

I don't know why I've gotten fascinated all of a sudden with the hay bales.  I saw lots of them starting when I was in France this summer.  There's something about the bales with the sun hitting them that captured my attention.  It's been interesting painting them with different colors to create the shapes.  I do really like how this one turned out.  It's one of my favorites from the last couple of weeks.  It's funny how as artists we have "favorite" paintings like I'm sure teachers have "favorite" students.   It's also interesting that the ones I like the most are not necessarily the ones that sell the most so that just goes to show you that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  I have lots of flower paintings coming up which I don't usually paint but I got on a roll last week.

Also, don't forget the Open Studio Tour the weekend of Oct 26th.  Opening reception at the Northern Virginia Art Studio in Crystal City 5-8pm friday night and my studio along with 25 others open saturday from 10-5pm.  Please stop by and say hello.  I'll be painting all day!

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