Friday, August 15, 2014

Commission - Savannah Marsh Landscape

"Savannah Landscape"
24 x 30
© 2014 by Rebecca Croft

Hmmm.  Commissions can sometimes be tricky.... and a bit daunting.  Usually, I'm contacted by someone through my Etsy store asking if I can either paint something I've already done in another size (that's the easy case) or they have a photo or an idea of what they want.  Sometimes there is a bit back and forth before we decide how and what to paint.  This commission was really fun.  The customer knew exactly what she wanted and sent me some photos as well as photos of the room she was going to hang it in which was very helpful.  I had a lot of fun painting it because of the looseness of the brush strokes and the vivid color choices.  I plan to use some of these colors in future landscapes as I find them very fresh.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.  She was very happy with the results!  You never know with a commission - just have to hold your breath until they see the photos and get back to you.

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