Monday, June 10, 2013

Sold Sold Sold!

"La Porte du Jardin"

"Provence Alley"

"Venice House"

I've had a great week on Etsy.  I sold these 3 paintings the morning I was heading out of town last week.  Every time I go out of town I sell!  These 3 were sold to a woman in Atlanta.  I do hope she likes them.  I shipped them off last thursday on my way to the beach.  I also have a customer coming over tonight to look at a large painting of my Tuscan Vineyards so I hope to sell that one too.  Things seem to be picking up.  I hope it lasts the rest of the year.  My goal is to get to 100 sales on Etsy by year end.  I'm at 58 so far.  

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