Monday, February 4, 2013

Commission from Etsy - Eiffel Tower

"La Tour Eiffel"
24 x 30
© 2013 by Rebecca Croft

Last tuesday I was contacted by a woman through my Etsy store who liked one of my Eiffel Tower paintings at night.  She commissioned me to paint the same painting only much larger 24 x 30 and with peach/pink/orange in the sky for her 7 year old daughter's room.  I finished it and sent her the photo's holding my breath that she would like it because she and her daughter were not agreeing about the background sky color.  Thankfully, I heard back from her that she loved it!  As soon as it's finished drying I will ship it to her in Baltimore where it will reside on her daughter's wall between two windows.  I've no idea if the daughter has been to Paris yet but she certainly has good taste in art!

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