Thursday, March 8, 2012

French Provencal Doorway

"French Provencal Doorway"
6 x 8 Canvas Board

I've not been good about blogging this week but I have been busy painting!  I think I'm getting better at my thick paint and brush strokes.  You know what they say the more you practice the better you get.  I'm reading the best book right now called "The Real Lives of Wives" and it's about women getting back to what they love in mid-life or when the nest is empty.  Many of them discuss how they gave up passions such as art or a sport they loved as they got busy being a mother/wife/career and how once the kids are gone they are re-visiting what made them happy before.  I would say painting is that passion for me.  Sometimes I can find excuses not to get into the studio but as soon as I do and I start applying the paint I am taken to a magical place.  It's almost the same feeling I get after a good long run.  It's quite euphoric.  Hope you all like what I'm creating!

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