Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Desert Landscape

"Desert Landscape"
36 x 72
© 2016 by Rebecca Croft

Saturday I received an email from an Etsy customer asking me if I could paint this commission for him in the size 3ft by 6ft!  At first I looked up stretched canvas's for that size and how much it would be to ship and thought yikes!  You have to ship something that large freight and it's hundreds of dollars.  So I asked if I could paint it on rolled canvas and he could have a framer stretch and frame it. My next hurdle was how was I going to paint it when my easel isn't nearly large enough!  So I taped the canvas to a wall and drew in the landscape and did the underpainting.  Once I liked that I painted over with thicker oil paints.  It looks just like the picture he sent.  It will be challenging shipping it as it has to be totally dry before rolling or it could crack.  Hope he likes it!

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