Sunday, August 11, 2013

Le Jardin de Prieure Provence

"Le Jardin de Prieure Provence"
12 x 12 Canvas Board
© 2013 by Rebecca Croft

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Back from my fabulous trip to France and armed with so many great photos I was ready to paint!  And then I ended up sick for the whole week with a terrible cold.  But I had already committed to work at the Gallery Underground on Friday so I dragged my paints and board there and one of my photos and put myself to work.  In only a few hours I had transformed this canvas into a beautiful French Garden.  This was one of the views at my hotel in Provence.  I could easily spend a year in Provence traveling around all of the tiny villages taking photos and painting.  There are so many gorgeous old buildings, gardens, gates, window boxes, etc. that capture my imagination.  I will be painting France for the next several months I'm sure.  You can truly understand why the Impressionist movement began in France.  I hope you enjoy what I create.  

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